Dimitar Dradi: a rising star in Italian haute couture and one of the most promising young talents on the international scene. Dimitar, or Dimi to his friends, discovered fashion as an eschatological path and as a way to flee from a difficult childhood. As is typical for true Artists, pain became his Muse. Suffering, introspection and true Art, brimming with mystical and symbolic value, dovetail in Dimitar’s style. The textiles, the weft, the composition, the subject are artistic elements in his creations just as much as watercolours, brushstrokes and scalpels are in paintings or in sculptures. In his works, Art assimilates his tools, and weaving itself becomes the subject, similarly to some of Jannis Kounellis’ evocative work, a great contemporary artist admired by our young Italian stylist.

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the unique story of Dimitar Dradi

Despite his young age, Dimitar Dradi's life is already full of incredible events, even tragic ones, which have probably shaped his great artistic streak.