Dimitar Dradi reinterprets the mask

Clean cuts, decisive, for those who do not want to give up being a protagonist, every day, even in provocation.

"My new mask collection takes inspiration from the desire for freedom beyond the weight of the mask itself." Thus Dimitar Dradi, in the photo portrayed in a "fetish" provocation of liberation from the mask, even metaphorical, makes his debut in illustrating his collection of masks.

And he continues: "The idea came to me by looking at my running sneakers that have accompanied me in the most beautiful moments of my life: traveling, running, meeting friends, everything that is denied us at this moment.

I cut the canvas, breaking it down into the various cuts and reassembling it, creating a new, non-canonical object: a "unique" mask that combines the two concepts of freedom and oppression characteristic of the historical moment we are experiencing."