Dimitar Dradi was born in Bulgaria 29 years ago and today lives in Italy where he graduated in Fashion Design & Marketing at the prestigious Polimoda Institute in Florence.

Since he was a child he has shown a deep interest in aesthetic beauty and attraction for all that was bizarre and particular. His concept of art reflects his determined temperament, curious and full of inventiveness and flair. His collections represent him because they are born from his soul and mind.

Awarded in some fashion competitions, best student of the Florence's Polimoda in the graduation year, with his entirely handmade sculpture clothes he was selected by Vogue Talent. Despite his young age, he already has numerous publications on international fashion magazines.

In 2016 Dimitar Dradi founds his fashion company and partecipates and participates in prestigious fashion events and he receives many awards and prizes.

He was chosen by the X FACTOR TV SHOW management to have his clothes from The Crown of Love Collection worn during the 2018 final.

From 2017, he was the interpreter of memorable fashion shows: at Milan Fashion Week, Alta Moda Roma, Cosenza Fashion Week, Barolo Fashion Show, Turin Fashion Week and Barolo Fashion Show like juror for the Young Fashion Designers Contest and again Milan Fashion Week in 2019.

Dimitar Dradi fashion maison made in italy luxury logo



June 2015: Fashion Design & Marketing GraduationPolimoda, Florence.

June 2013: Diploma "Master of Art" at Fashion - State High school "F. Fellini", Riccione (RN).

September 2016: Dimitar Dradi founded his own fashion house

May 2016: Fashion Designer Trainee at the Workshop of Gianni Molaro, San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA).

July 2008 - July 2012: Organizer at CNA, Riccione (RN).

June 2008 - December 2011: Helping product assistant for “shoe line” at City Mode stores.

October 2019 – Award "Adamanate & Filliade" of Agrigento's Academy of Fine Arts - Agrigento (Sicily)

September 2019 – Dradi's Iconic Clothes are chosen for Braccialini's international advertising campaign

June 2019 – Barolo Fashion Show - Juror in the Young Fashion Designer Contest, Dradi closed the main Catwalk

February 2019 – Milano Fashion Week - August Winter 2019-2020Collection

September 2018 – Milano Fashion Week - Spring Summer 2019 Collection

June 2018 – Guest of Honor to the Barolo Fashion Show – Barolo (CN)

February 2018 - recognition BEST FASHION DESIGNER Fashion Week Lugano - Switzerland

January 2018 - Participation at the “AltaRoma” fashion shows - Roma;

December 2017 - “XFactor Sky TV" - a finalist singer has worn an outfit from the "The Crown of love" collection.

September 2017 - Member of the Swiss Fashion Chamber.

August 2017 - Top Fashion Model participation and award-winning 2017 fashion award.

August 2017 - Participation in the “Heraclea Prize” Policoro (MT)

August 2017 - Participation in FASHIONPUGLIA - fashion events for young designers. 1st prize winner, for critical award.

June 2017 - Participation in the “Sassi City Fashion Award 2017” in Matera.

May 2017 - Commentator on the new format of SKY TV.

May 2017 - Participation “MODARTE” at NATO Base Naples (Napoli)

May 2017 - Award-winning National Chamber of Young Fashion Designers

March 2017 - Participation PolimodaPeople at Polimoda Firenze Fashion Exibition - Best Student Award -

February 2017 - Participation “MODARTE” at National Archaeological Museum Napoli

January 2017 - Vogue Upload Your Talent.

Autumn 2016 - Personal Collection on Yute Magazine, ‘Hello, Spacegirl!’, Personal Collection on Yute Magazine Gioconda and August.

October 2016 - Winner of the “Musa d'Argento” National Award section Le Muse for female clothes.

October 2016 - Designer at the final evening of the “Mia Martini Prize” at Bagnara Calabra (RC)

October 2016 - First Prize at the “Bridal Fashion Award” of Catanzaro.

September 2016 - Judge with personal fashion show during the final evening of “Miss Venus of Italy” - Sicily.

September 2016 - Winner of the “Fashion National Chamber for Young Fashion Designers Award” at “Fashion Art and More 4.0” during the Milan Fashion Week.

August 2016 - Exclusive exhibition at “Andrea Tentoni Orafo”, Viale Ceccarini, Riccione.

August 2016 - Personal fashion show at the Fashion Week of “Fortezza di Civitella del Tronto” (TE).

July 2016 - First classified at the competition “Moda Città della Cascata”, of Iri Island (FR).

May 2016 - Winner 3d edition of the Talent Show “Academy of Fashion” broadcast on “Detto Fatto” RAI (Italian Television).

May 2016 – Photo Shoots of personal creations on Vogue Italy.

December 2015 - Personal collection on Yute Magazine, “The Crown of Love”, photo by Gioconda and August.

August 2015 - Photo Shoots of personal creations on Vogue Italy.

October 2012: Winner of the “Brandina” Contest for the Design of a Shoes Collection, Riccione (RN).