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Clean cuts, decisive, for those who do not want to give up being a protagonist, every day, even in provocation.
Sunday September 23 in Milan, Historical Turati Palace, home of the Milan Chamber of Commerce, the “Pheromone” collection will be officially presented – the Spring Summer 2020 proposal by Brand Dimitar Dradi. Already from the title of the collection, “Pheromone”, we can predict the aspects of attraction: «It is a collection that looks like me» says
Stayinart Art & Lifestyle Austrian Magazine dedicates to Dimitar Dradi this Wonderful Article.
The Jury of the prestigious "Acamante & Filliade" Award of the Agrigento's Academy of Fine Arts unanimously chooses Dimitar Dradi as the best emerging fashion designer in Italy.
Dimitar Dradi presented his Fall Winter 2020-2021 Woman Collection at Milan Fashion Week. Here some foretaste.